All-ceramic crowns, facets

A nice smile is not only the calling card of every person, but nowadays it is also socially desirable. Missing teeth, gaps or darkened previous treatments put you somewhere you probably don’t want to be in the eyes of others. So if your teeth are damaged and unsightly, or if previous treatment has worn them down, one solution is a ceramic veneer, crown or bridge to give your smile a new radiant beauty and aesthetic appearance.

Ceramic veneers are thin ceramic “shells” that are bonded to the front surfaces of the front teeth. They can be used to aesthetically and gently cover enamel imperfections, large unsightly fillings (fillings), they can also be used to correct inappropriate position or inclination of teeth and possibly close gaps between teeth.

Ceramic crowns are most often used to treat dead teeth or to replace damaged or otherwise unsuitable old crowns. The necessary foundation is a preserved tooth root, on which the crown can be cemented after completion. The crown forms a shell that replaces the ground part of the tooth and covers the entire prepared surface of the crown of the natural tooth. Ceramic materials seem to be the best solution from an aesthetic point of view. Extremely important is the precision with which the tooth is prepared and with which the crown sits on the so-called step (which is an artificial step on the tooth on which the ceramic crown sits). This is the only way to prevent gingival inflammation around the crown and to achieve a long-term reliable result.

In our dental centre we use the Trios 5 intraoral scanner.

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