Treatment of dental caries

There are several causes of tooth pain, read what we encounter in our office.

Tooth decay is one of the most common diseases of civilization. Because it is caused by bacteria, we talk about infection of the tooth. Tooth decay (the penetration of bacteria inside the tooth) is caused by several factors:

Inadequate oral hygiene. Plaque is constantly forming in the mouth. In the absence of teeth cleaning or with poor and insufficient technique, plaque (coating on enamel) matures and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. Their long-term action breaks the tooth enamel and penetrates further into the tooth.

Poor diet composition. Certain foods, especially sugars and starches, provide energy for bacteria and are converted into acids that, over time, cause demineralisation and damage to the tooth, contributing to decay. These foods adhere to the teeth and therefore also depend on how long it takes to remove them.

Heredity. Genetic predisposition may also play a role in the development of tooth decay, but this affects less than one percent of the population. The most damage and toothache is caused by poor dental hygiene in the family.

Locations at risk. The places where tooth decay most often occurs are at the contact surfaces of the teeth, at the creasing of the tooth body and at the tooth necks or at the sites of broken enamel.

Everyone knows that tooth decay is an unpleasant and painful disease. In its first stage (when the dentition is affected), the tooth reacts sensitively to various stimuli, for example, when eating sweet, cold or hot foods and drinks or when going from cold to warm and vice versa.