Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a very modern and desirable thing today. No wonder. There is a growing interest in beautiful smiles and white teeth. Today this is no longer a problem! The goal of whitening is to remove organic pigments from the surface of the teeth. This is done by activating the peroxide gel. The gel gradually dissolves impurities and pigments that otherwise darken the natural colour of your own teeth. Your teeth will thus regain their natural and white appearance.

The teeth whitening process is safe and does not cause any damage to the tooth enamel or the teeth themselves. However, it is not recommended to whiten teeth in pregnant and breastfeeding women.

The Pure Whitening system we offer has years of experience in whitening teeth to offer everyone the opportunity to achieve excellent results and brighten every smile. For the best whitening effect, we recommend the combined whitening system, which consists of home and in-office whitening.

In the first visit, individual silicone retainers are made in the dental laboratory using impressions. In the second visit, the client takes his own whitening kit with a carrier and can start whitening. A detailed briefing and training in use will take place beforehand. The actual whitening takes place at home, when the client applies the whitening gel to the brackets, which are then placed on the teeth and let the gel act on the tooth enamel. The gel must be left on for at least 5 hours, so it is recommended to bleach only overnight during sleep. The home whitening procedure lasts 14 days. After the home whitening, there is a phase of in-office whitening 1-3 days apart. In-office whitening takes approximately 1.5 hours. A whitening gel with a higher concentration is applied to the tooth enamel 3 times for 15 minutes and the client is then instructed on aftercare.

Why choose Podkovka Dental Centre? We have many years of good experience with teeth whitening and guarantee you professional and reliable medical supervision. Our clients do not regret the time and money they have invested in teeth whitening.

Do you want to put yourself in the hands of professionals? Contact us to arrange an initial consultation with our doctors.

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